F-Secure – Policy Manager Scheduled Scan

Firstly open F-Secure Policy Manager Console


Select View > Advanced Mode and mark container, wehere you can deploy scheduled scan, in my case „vmview“ and go to F-Secure > F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.51 > Settings > Scheduler > Scheduled Tasks and click to Add


Scheduling Parameters: /t12:30 /rdaily /s1 – /s5 – means that the scan is run every day from monday to frieday at 12:30


More examples of parameters

If you have set up the scheduling parameters, click to Distribute Policies (Ctrl+D) and wait for client sync. If you would like to speed up sync on the client site, you can manually update policies on client site.


Go to Settings > Other Settings > Automatic Updates and click to „Check now“


If you open Windows Scheduled Task, you can see scheduled daily scan 🙂

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