Hyper-V node hanging at Shutting Down Cluster Service

One of my customer needs reboot one of the HYPER-V 2016 node, i did typical steps like pause the node with drain roles and reboot it, but server hangs on screen „Shutting Down Cluster Service“ for 20 minutes, when i tried ping to problematic node from another node – the node responds. So i tried the „Stop Cluster Service“ on affected node from Failover Cluster Manager but without success.

I open services.msc on other node and connect console to problematic node and i saw that service „Cluster Service“ was in state „Stopping“.

For now, we have discovered how to kill the cluster service via command line from another node  with command: taskkill /S node-name /IM clussvc.exe

after task kill command, the affected hyper-v node was successfully rebooted

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