VMware vSphere – using partedUtil command

The partedUtil command was introduced in vSphere 5.0. To use partedUtil commant, you need know naa. of your datastore. Onthe  DX80 storage is the newest VMFS file system, which was introduced in vSphere 6.5 – VMFS 6.81

for my testing purposes i selected Fujitsu Storage DX 80 with naa.600d0231000009c55efb4d0d18dafa72

The first line is disk geometry informations – cylinders, heads, sectors per track and logical block address count (LBA) The second line is informations about the partitions. On DX80 is only 1 partition, and it starts at LBA 2048 and ends at LBA 27315990494.

  • VMFS-2 created on ESX 2.x; starting LBA 63
  • VMFS-3 created on ESX 3 & 4; starting LBA 128
  • VMFS-5 created on ESXi 5; starting LBA 2048
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