Dell FC630 – QLogic (Broadcom) BCM57840 no devices after update

Dell FC630 – QLogic (Broadcom) BCM57840 no devices after update

My customer have 2x blade chassis DELL FX2 which is full of blade servers DELL FC630 – totaly is 8 blade serves. My goal was update these blade servers to latest firmware. The infrastructure is on VMwar ESXi 6.5. 

Basicly im updating servers firmware using DELL SUU update DVD or PEFC, in this case: 

  • Platform Specific Bootable ISO, PEFC630 19.07.00
  • DELL EMC Server Update Utility, Windows 64 bit Format, v.19.07.00

I decided to use PEFC, so im dowloaded it from Dell EMC support page, i migrate all running VMs on ESX1 to other ESXi host and put it to maintenance mode. Im connected the PEFC.iso via virtual media and booted from it, everything looks fine, but after reboot the network devices BCM57840 disappeared. The BIOS and iDRAC are latest. 

  • BIOS 2.9.1
  • iDRAC

There is no network devices…

I opened the case on DELL and the only solution is replace the card, Dell did so and the server booted up fine with network devices. 

The most interesting thing is that this issue was on another FC630 node !

After some investigation, I found that it can do firmware of NIC, the current version of QLogic 577xx/578xx 10 Gb Ethernet BCM57840 is 08.07.26, and firmware for this card in PEFC update is 14.10.07. 

I decided to gradual update of QLogic 577xx/578xx 10 Gb Ethernet BCM57840 from firmware 08.07.26 > 10.01.00 > 14.04.18 > 14.07.06. 

 and the update was OK

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