How to upgrade VCSA 6.0 update 3 to VCSA 6.5

How to upgrade VCSA 6.0 update 3 to VCSA 6.5

as i mentioned in previous post, upgrade from VCSA 6.0 update 3 to VCSA 6.5 is not supported. But what I do when I have a clean installation of VCSA 6.0u3 and i need upgrade ? I found and test this solution and it works !  tested in my lab not in production 

my source VCSA 6.0u3

Make a snapshot of VCSA 6.0u3

remove incompatible plugin (ESXi Agent Manager) from vcenter, because the VCSA 6.5 uses new version of EAM go to https://vcenter/mob > content > extensionManager > FindExtension = com.vmware.vim.eam
use UnregisterExtension and unregister the „com.vmware.vim.eam“ > invoke method

Connect via SSH via putty to the VCSA (dont forget enable the SSH in VAMI) and stop service „vmware-eam“

service-control --stop vmware-eam

If you have a VUM (VMware Update Manager), copy migration-assistant to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager and run VMware-Migration-Assistant.exe, please DO NOT CLOSE console, until the migration is complete.

Run upgrade wizard from VCSA ISO and upgrade VCSA 6.0u3 to 6.5

upgraded VCSA to 6.5 🙂

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