How to remove unmounted/inaccessible datastore from ESXi Host

How to remove unmounted/inaccessible datastore from ESXi Host

if you have datastore which is unmounded or incaccessible, it not very easy to remove it. i tried „delete datastore“ from esxi host, but i got error. so lets try command line !

The „Remove datastore“ operation failed for the entity with the following error message.
unmounted/inaccessible datastore
esxcli storage core device list

enable ssh service on your ESXi host and use putty to find out „naa.“ of unmounted/inaccessible datastore

   Display Name: FUJITSU Fibre Channel Disk (naa.600000e00d00000000010bc10000000                                                                                                                                                             0)
   Has Settable Display Name: true
   Size: 7001824
   Device Type: Direct-Access
   Multipath Plugin: NMP
   Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.600000e00d00000000010bc100000000
   Vendor: FUJITSU
   Revision: 0000
   SCSI Level: 5
   Is Pseudo: false
   Status: degraded
   Is RDM Capable: true
   Is Local: false
   Is Removable: false
   Is SSD: false
   Is VVOL PE: false
   Is Offline: false
   Is Perennially Reserved: false
   Queue Full Sample Size: 0
   Queue Full Threshold: 0
   Thin Provisioning Status: unknown
   Attached Filters:
   VAAI Status: unknown
   Other UIDs: vml.0200000000600000e00d00000000010bc100000000455445524e55
   Is Shared Clusterwide: true
   Is Local SAS Device: false
   Is SAS: false
   Is USB: false
   Is Boot USB Device: false
   Is Boot Device: false
   Device Max Queue Depth: 64
   No of outstanding IOs with competing worlds: 32
   Drive Type: unknown
   RAID Level: unknown
   Number of Physical Drives: unknown
   Protection Enabled: false
   PI Activated: false
   PI Type: 0
   PI Protection Mask: NO PROTECTION
   Supported Guard Types: NO GUARD SUPPORT
   DIX Enabled: false
   Emulated DIX/DIF Enabled: false

find datastore… in my case it was 7 TB LUN with naa.600000e00d00000000010bc100000000

esxcli storage core device detached remove -d naa.600000e00d00000000010bc100000000

to remove storage device use command esxcli storage core device detached remove -d

[root@esx1:~] esxcli storage filesystem list
Mount Point                                        Volume Name      UUID                                 Mounted  Type              Size            Free
-------------------------------------------------  ---------------  -----------------------------------  -------  ------  --------------  --------------
/vmfs/volumes/57a32fbb-d098f1c4-1720-002219861349  ESXi1-local      57a32fbb-d098f1c4-1720-002219861349     true  VMFS-5    137975824384    100131667968
/vmfs/volumes/57b55c20-2747171c-076a-002219863383  DX80-LUN1        57b55c20-2747171c-076a-002219863383     true  VMFS-5   7341709721600   6352039575552
/vmfs/volumes/5873e252-b85da628-17a4-002219861349  IFN_DS3024_LUN1  5873e252-b85da628-17a4-002219861349     true  VMFS-5  11984569368576  11642288996352
/vmfs/volumes/623ec67d-dda8563b-e28a-e642f456a4e5                   623ec67d-dda8563b-e28a-e642f456a4e5     true  vfat         261853184       101347328
/vmfs/volumes/57a32fb5-13bc5014-68c1-002219861349                   57a32fb5-13bc5014-68c1-002219861349     true  vfat         299712512        83927040
/vmfs/volumes/584597d0-8ecb1b8e-4716-002219861349                   584597d0-8ecb1b8e-4716-002219861349     true  vfat        4293591040      4262395904
/vmfs/volumes/33e5b27e-efb7be2e-9be6-8a8aa0cc769a                   33e5b27e-efb7be2e-9be6-8a8aa0cc769a     true  vfat         261853184        74805248

and IFN_DS3024_LUN2 is removed from ESXi host.

esxcli storage core adapter rescan --all

to rescan all HBAs use

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  1. Subash Krishnan Reagovat

    Thank you for the steps. I had accidently removed a LUN from nimble storage without unmounting datastore. This has helped me to remove the stale entry. Thank you so much.

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