How to remove a Failed/Offline domain controller object

How to remove a Failed/Offline domain controller object

i have replication error betweeen my primary lab domain controller (fsmo holder) DCLAB and secondary domain controller DCLAB16 (repadmin /replsum) command confirmed replication error, how remove failed domain controller object ? – use ntdsutil tool

open command promt as a administrator and type „ntdsutil“

metadata cleanup 
connect to server dclab16 (where dclab16 is dns name of DC) 
metadata cleanup
select operation target 
list domains
select domain 0 (in my case demolab.local) 
list servers
select server 1 (in my case dclab16.demolab.local - offline server) 
remove selected server 

At the ‘Server Remove Confirmation Dialog’, click yes to remove the failed Domain Controller server object (DCLAB16.demolab.local) and check repadmin /replsummary

dont forget manually remove DNS lookup and reverse references of removed domain controller.

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