Updating the VIB for the NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware ESXi

Updating the VIB for the NVIDIA GRID vGPU on VMware ESXi

I have customer which has the Nvidia M10 card in DELL EMC R730 server with VMware vSphere Virtualization and Horizon desktop virtualization. Like every year, we need update the infrastructure to latest. So firstly upgrade the R730, VMware ESXi and encourages us to upgrade NVDIA VIB to latest. 


Some infrastructure facts: 

  • DELL EMC R730 ( latest firmware,bios, drivers ) 
  • NVIDIA Tesla M10
  • VMware ESXi, 7.0.2, 17867351 (latest dell customized image) 
  • Currently – Nvidia SMI 450.55 
  • VMware Horizon 7.12 

Firtsly, we need shutdown all running VMs on this host, so in the VMware Horizon Admin put the desktop pool to „disable provisioning and disable desktop pool“ and put the host to the maintenance mode. 

Now we need identify the Nvidia VIB name: esxcli software vib list | grep NVIDIA 

And remove the VIB by running the command: esxcli software vib remove -n and reboot the ESXi host. 

Upload the .vib to the datastore, which is acessible from your host with NVIDIA and run: esxcli software vib install -v NVIDIAxxxxxxx , reboot is not required.

Now we have latest NVIDIA-SMI 460.73.02 driver 


Dont forget uninstall the old driver inside your gold image or VM and update to latest. Please perform the fresh instalation of NVIDIA driver in Windows. 



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