VMware Horizon 7.12 – Virtual Desktop „Agent Unreachable“ status

VMware Horizon 7.12 – Virtual Desktop „Agent Unreachable“ status

I had deployed VMware Horizon infrastructure with linked clones on 7.11 version, few days ago im upgraded Horizon infrastructure (Connection, Composer, and Agents) to latest version of Horizon 7.12.

Im using VMware Horizon 7.12 with linked clones, VMware Horizon agents on Windows 10 is in latest version 7.12, but all of my 19 VDI in pool WIN10-CL2 pool fails with error „Agent Unreachlable“ i tried, recompose, rebalance, refresh, restart of all VDI but not working. So i decided to downgrade agents on W10 back to version 7.11 =

  • uninstall 7.12
  • reboot
  • install 7.12
  • reboot
  • run Guest Optiomalization Tool from VMware fling
  • shutdown
  • create snapshot
  • recompose

„Agent Unreachable“ 

The first step for troubleshooting are VMware Horizon logs on problematic VDI in following folder: C:\ProgramData\VMware\VDM\logs  , sort files by Date Modifed and select the latest debugXXXX.txt and i found „Published CHANGEKEY request“ 

Solution is reset agent public key in ADAM database on Connection Server

Go to the folder „C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\bin“ on connection server and run this command under administrator:

vdmadmin.exe  -A -d desktop-pool-name -m name-of-machine-in-pool -resetkey

in my case:

vdmadmin.exe -A -d WIN10-CL2 -m VDICL2001 -resetkey

wait about 2 minutes and issue is resolved.



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