VMware Horizon – Windows 10 gold image – my best practices

VMware Horizon – Windows 10 gold image – my best practices

This article is about my own experiences and best practices with deploy of gold image for VDI infrastructure with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Office and FXlogic profile and Office containers.

VM configuration

  • always use VMXNET3 network adapter 
  • If its possible – use flash storage array for OS HDD, i using thin provisioning. 
  • use separate VLAN for VDI desktops

Prepare your gold image

  • use only Windows builds which are supported with version of VMware Horizon 
  • i used image – Windows 10 1909 – build 18363.592
  • Install VMware tools
  • Reboot
  • Install Horizon Agent
  • Reboot
  • Install all requiered apps 
  • reboot
  • Run OSOT
  • Shutdown
  • Create Snapshot

Microsoft Teams (non persistent desktops) 

  • msiexec /i Teams_windows_x64.msi OPTIONS=“noAutoStart=true“ ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1 

documentation: Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

Microsoft OneDrive (non persistend desktops) 

  • OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers

Microsoft Office 


  • I using both of containers – profile and office
  • configuring fxlogics policies with Group Policy
  • there is „basic“ config i using

Profile containers

  • Enabled – Enabled
  • VHD location – \\server\containers\profiles
  • Dynamic VHD(X) allocation – enabled 
  • Size in MB – 5000 
  • in Advanced parameters i using the „Provide RedirXML file to customize redirections“ – \\domain\SYSVOL\domain\scripts 

Because some of apps bloating the profile i use the redirections.xml – for example teams cache. I wanna write post about redirections.xml and bloating profiles with FXlogics, so i put link here 🙂  stay tuned ! 

Office containers

  • Dynamic VHD(X) allocation – enabled 
  • Enabled – Enabled
  • Include Teams Data in container – Enabled
  • Size in MB – 5000
  • VHD location – \\server\containers\office
  • Virtual disk type – VHDX







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