VMware UAG – not resolve Horizon Destination Server

VMware UAG – not resolve Horizon Destination Server

i just upgraded the customer VMware UAG – VMware Unified Access Gateway  from version 3.9 to the latest 22.03, but after import .json file from the old one appliance i had problem with „Horizon Destination Server“ in the Horizon Settings. I check the thumbprint of certificate on the destination server certificate but no issue found. 

So i connected to the UAG appliance via SSH client and check the DNS settings, i found that my appliance not resolve the domain „horizon.xxxx.xxx“ and this is issue.

It appears that the new systemd-resolved method uses .local for multicast DNS exclusively. Way to fix this issue is edit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf  and uncomment the domains line and adding in your .local domain  to the domains there.





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