VMware vCenter Server 7.0 HTML5 UI error “no healthy upstream”

VMware vCenter Server 7.0 HTML5 UI error “no healthy upstream”

its friday and one of my customer called my, that access to vcenter not working, the UI has error „no healthly upstream“ on his VMware vCenter 7.0.3. So the first try was the reboot the server, but situation was same still „no healthy upstream“. After some minutes a found that, the certificate of VCSA was expired and this is issue because the VCSA UI not working. 

In this case you need to update the expired certificates with use of vCenter certificate manager through running following command on vCenter CLI.  Dont forget do a SNAPSHOT of your VCSA !



choose number 6 to replace Solution User certificates and then you need to answer the required information. 

But in my case the option 6 not worked. So i tried option 8 „Reset all Certificates“ and answer the required information. Wait few minutes, the services in VCSA are restarted and after sucessfull start, the UI is again reachable. 

Dont forget remove the snapshot of your VCSA. 


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