VMware vSphere 6.5 Can’t Add Existing iSCSI LUN

VMware vSphere 6.5 Can’t Add Existing iSCSI LUN

my collegue was on customer and he configure the storage array for backups. The procedure was, that old storage array DS1012G1 was replaced with brand new Infortrend DS1012G2. The hdd was placed in the same order as in the old array. It was about 2 LUNs, one 16 TB Lun and 64 TB lun for backups. We reconfigured the new array, set host lun mappings and set iSCSI IP addresses – different that was on old array.

Both luns was visible in VMware on all nodes (3x ESXi 6.5 with vCenter 6.5) under iSCSI storage devides. But datastore is not visible. Both luns were Attached but not consumed. On the esx1 node i tried to add new storage and Keep Existing Signature – and it was OK. The datastore is visible ! but only on the 1 node of 3. 

I run the putty to the esx2 and esx3 node. Using the esxcfg-volume command, I list out the volumes detected. 

Using the esxcfg-volume –M UUID command ( -M for persistent , -m for non persistent) mount the volume. Now hop back to vCenter and take a look at the datastores. 

IFN_64TB and IFN_16TB are BACK !



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